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Great motivational tool for your entire staff and a smart move for your business! Easy ordering. Contact us for payment and delivery options. The Survival Guides are written and produced by Wilma Davidson, Ed.D. and Susan B. Kline.


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Non-threatening, 4 pages
Durable (laminated)
Affordable ($7.50 each)
Critical components of presentation
Easy to use format

Writer's Survival Guide


Presenter's Survival Guide


10 Keys to Quality Writing
Common Errors to Avoid in Grammar and Punctuation
Writing Clear Sentences
Writer's Checklist
Words that are Often Confused


The ABC's of a Successful Presentation
Winston Churchill's 5 Secrets to the Language of Leadership
Using a 3-Part Organizational Plan
Calming Pre-Delivery Nerves
Paying Attention to Your Body
Handling Questions
Using Visual Aids
Pitfalls to Avoid
Frequently Mispronounced Words


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