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Just Commas

Know when to use this multipurpose piece of punctuation – and, just as important, when not to use it. Cut through the red tape of rules to understand why the comma exists and  how it clarifies your meaning. Commas should serve … Continue reading

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Seven Great Books for Savvy Communicators

To boost the professionalism of your business messages, there’s nothing better than enrolling in a high quality workshop or seminar. But what do you do later on to hone those newly acquired skills? Easy! Turn to the bookshelf. You’ll find … Continue reading

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Eschew Ambiguity

Eschew Ambiguity: Allow only one meaning for everything you write Whatever else business writing is, it must, first and foremost, be clear. That means that every reader understands a message in the same way. Yet our word choices—and the way we … Continue reading

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Affect or Effect – How to choose the right one

Of all the troublesome pairs of words in the English language, affect and effect rate at the top of the list—for good reason. Both words sound alike, are related in meaning, and can be used as either subject or verb. … Continue reading

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Active and Passive Voice

Find out which to choose and when to use. Confusion and misinformation abound when it comes to choosing active or passive voice. What is “voice” after all, and why should one type be preferred over the other? Read on to … Continue reading

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